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Preliminary Hearings in Arizona – Tucson Criminal Lawyers

Preliminary Hearings in Arizona

Difference Between Trials and Preliminary Hearings in Arizona

When an individual commits a crime, there are a lot of potential consequences that will follow. There will also be a lot of steps to swift through the judicial system. In many instances, the trial will be the final phase for […]

Stalking & Harassment in Arizona – Tucson Criminal Defense

Stalking & Harassment in Arizona

Stalking and harassment in Arizona constitute serious crimes, and are prosecuted aggressively. Generally, harassment or stalking is committed by a friend or family member of the victim, severely complicating the proceedings. This article will discuss what constitutes both harassment and stalking, possible punishments, and defense options.

What is Harassment in Arizona?

Under […]

Arizona Criminal Justice Process – Tucson Criminal Justice

Arizona Criminal Justice Process

For those of us who have never been arrested, the process by which suspected criminals are booked and then tried is shrouded in mystery. This article will wade through the Arizona criminal justice process, remarking on all of its steps- from the arrest itself, bail, preliminary hearings, all the way […]

Criminal Littering in Arizona

 Introduction to Criminal Littering in Arizona

introduction to criminal littering in arizonaOne would think that criminal littering, pursuant to Arizona law 13-1603, would require more nefarious circumstances than tossing a candy bar wrapper.  However, depending on the place, weight of the litter, and item itself, a criminal littering […]

Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Introduction to Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Criminal property damage, better known as vandalism, is a common and fairly low-level crime in many instances.  However, like most non-violent charges, the penalty increases substantially relative to the value of the damage itself.  This article will explain what the charge of vandalism encompasses in Arizona, along with possible penalties and […]

White Collar Criminal Defense

Introduction to White Collar Criminal Defense

introduction to white collar criminal defenseWhite collar crimes are non-violent crimes motivated by money, generally perpetrated by business professionals.  For the most part, there are four main categories of white collar crime: Fraud, Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, and Money Laundering.  These categories are […]

Civil Forfeiture Defense in Arizona

Introduction to Arizona Civil Forfeiture Defense

introduction to civil forfeiture defense in arizonaCivil forfeiture, or civil seizure, is the act of police seizing assets involved in criminal activity.  This could be cash, a car, a house; virtually any asset which police deem was obtained illegally or involved in […]

Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Arizona

Introduction to Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Arizona

introduction to domestic violence criminal defense in arizonaBecause domestic violence implies aggression against loved ones, it is one of the most stigmatized crimes, and thus, one of the easiest to prosecute.  Yet, because problems between family members arise with such […]

Shoplifting Laws in Arizona

Introduction to Shoplifting Laws in Arizona

introduction to shoplifting laws in arizonaIn Arizona, shoplifting is a broad term which encompasses a range of crimes.  It is formally defined as either removing merchandise from a store without paying, altering price tags, removing price tags, concealing items, or moving items […]

Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Introduction to Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

introduction to vehicular crimes in arizonaAlthough most vehicular crimes are “accidents” relative to more intentional crimes like gun violence, they are still litigated harshly.  Arizona aggressively prosecutes any car accident based on the presence of recklessness, and this recklessness usually-but not always- […]

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