Author: My AZ Legal Team

Civil Damages for Assault and Battery

Most people think of car accidents, slip and fall cases, and medical malpractice when personal injury is the topic. However, assault and battery are among the most common civil causes of actions in the realm of “intentional torts.” Assault and battery are civil causes of action normally associated with the criminal justice process, however, it […]
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Arizona’s War On Meth

The war against methamphetamines tops the list in Arizona’s campaign against illegal drugs. In past years, “meth” has been the most commonly abused drug causing death in Arizona and the number of people arrested for meth use, possession, manufacturing, and distribution steadily increases. There is no secret that Arizona has adopted policies intended to discourage […]
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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Drugs paraphenalia needed to make up a hit or injection of heroine. Opium is a popular recreational drug abused around the world and resulting in many users developing a drug addiction problem and having to seek rehabilitation treatment. Drugs paraphenalia needed to make up a hit or injection of heroine. Opium is a popular recreational […]
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Soliciting A Prostitute In Arizona: Law And Penalties

Local law enforcement in Arizona frequently operate solicitation and prostitution stings where they disguise themselves as prostitutes. Police run large prostitution stings during large events like the Super Bowl, as seen with former professional NFL player and hall of famer Warren Sapp. Craigslist has even agreed to help crack down on prostitution postings to assist […]
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There is no question that being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) puts you in a messy situation. An arrest puts you down the road for court time and a possible DUI conviction, which has consequences financially and emotionally. While an arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction, you will probably need legal representation […]
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Attention High School Students: Sexting May Constitute Child Pornography

Recent studies show that teenagers use their cell phones more frequently than adults. Teenagers also text message more, use social media more often, and buy more apps. What is probably not surprising to anyone is that this trend has a tremendous impact on how teenagers interact with each other. Cellphones are the means to which […]
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