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White Collar Criminal Defense

Introduction to White Collar Criminal Defense

introduction to white collar criminal defenseWhite collar crimes are non-violent crimes motivated by money, generally perpetrated by business professionals.  For the most part, there are four main categories of white collar crime: Fraud, Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, and Money Laundering.  These categories are […]

Civil Forfeiture Defense in Arizona

Introduction to Arizona Civil Forfeiture Defense

introduction to civil forfeiture defense in arizonaCivil forfeiture, or civil seizure, is the act of police seizing assets involved in criminal activity.  This could be cash, a car, a house; virtually any asset which police deem was obtained illegally or involved in […]

Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Arizona

Introduction to Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Arizona

introduction to domestic violence criminal defense in arizonaBecause domestic violence implies aggression against loved ones, it is one of the most stigmatized crimes, and thus, one of the easiest to prosecute.  Yet, because problems between family members arise with such […]

Shoplifting Laws in Arizona

Introduction to Shoplifting Laws in Arizona

introduction to shoplifting laws in arizonaIn Arizona, shoplifting is a broad term which encompasses a range of crimes.  It is formally defined as either removing merchandise from a store without paying, altering price tags, removing price tags, concealing items, or moving items […]

Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Introduction to Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

introduction to vehicular crimes in arizonaAlthough most vehicular crimes are “accidents” relative to more intentional crimes like gun violence, they are still litigated harshly.  Arizona aggressively prosecutes any car accident based on the presence of recklessness, and this recklessness usually-but not always- […]

Criminal Defense for Tax Evasion

Introduction to Criminal Defense for Tax Evasion

Tax fraud or tax evasion is the act of intentionally avoiding paying taxes for an extended period of time. Although tax evasion is a “white collar crime,” introduction to criminal defense for tax evasionthe potential punishments for this crime are not […]

Gun Laws in Arizona

Introduction to Gun Laws in Arizona

introduction to gun laws in arizonaArizona is incredibly lenient when it comes to firearm law.  Perhaps due to its “Wild West” past, almost nothing related to guns is prohibited; in fact, Arizona is one of the states leading the charge in new […]

Alcohol Misconduct Criminal Defense

Introduction to Alcohol Misconduct Criminal Defense

Although criminal defense of anything related to alcohol is usually centered on DUI law, there are other laws related to alcohol consumption.  This article will discuss the Arizona standards on Minor in Possession and Consumption law, open container law, and public intoxication law, along with possible defenses for each.

Controlled Substance Criminal Defense

Introduction to Controlled Substance Criminal Defense

introduction to controlled substance criminal defenseAlthough controlled substances are classified under Federal law, most states also have their own standards for legality and punishment.  For instance, although marijuana is illegal under Federal law, several states have legalized it for recreational or medical […]

Illegal Immigrant Deportation Defense

Introduction to Illegal Immigrant Deportation Defense

What is the illegal immigrant deportation defense?  For undocumented immigrants in the United States, a successful defense against a charge of deportation may seem like an impossibility.  After all, without a green card or visa, an immigrant had no right to enter the United States in the first place.  However, […]

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