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arizona peyote laws

Arizona Peyote Laws

Arizona Peyote Laws In the state of Arizona when you are found in possession of drugs, it is a serious offense. The severity of the offense often depends on the kind, the quantity, the intentions, and the number of prior convictions you have on record. What Is Peyote? Peyote is a very unique cactus that […]
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negligent homicide arizona

Negligent Homicide Arizona

Negligent Homicide Arizona Losing a child is difficult for any parent, no matter what stage of development the child is in. Once we know that they are going to be coming, they place themselves in our hearts forever. What happens if you are in a car accident while your husband is driving, and you lose […]
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the death penalty

The Death Penalty in Arizona

The Death Penalty in Arizona Arizona and the death penalty have had a very complicated relationship over the years. The death penalty is formally called capital punishment in a judicial setting. Over the years Arizona did away with capital punishment and then they reinstated it. Brief History on Capital Punishment in Arizona The first execution […]
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what is racketeering

What is Racketeering in Arizona and What are the Penalties?

What is Racketeering in Arizona and What are the Penalties? Racketeering is defined as “dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.” Within racketeering, individuals are seeking financial gain from criminal activity. Arizona law takes racketeering violations seriously. If you’re facing racketeering charges, you should find an Arizona criminal law attorney as soon as possible to start building […]
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