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How To Restore Your Right To Own A Firearm After A Felony Conviction

Arizona and the United States Constitution guarantee the right to bear arms. Whether it be for hunting, sport, or protection, Americans have cherished the right to personally own guns and the right to own guns is undoubtedly ingrained in Arizona’s culture. Losing this right due to a felony conviction can be a tremendous blow to […]


There is no question that being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) puts you in a messy situation. An arrest puts you down the road for court time and a possible DUI conviction, which has consequences financially and emotionally. While an arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction, you will probably need legal representation […]

Attention High School Students: Sexting May Constitute Child Pornography

Recent studies show that teenagers use their cell phones more frequently than adults. Teenagers also text message more, use social media more often, and buy more apps. What is probably not surprising to anyone is that this trend has a tremendous impact on how teenagers interact with each other.

Cellphones are the means to which teenagers […]

The Legal Reprecussions Of Leaving Your Child Unattended In The Car

The Legal Reprecussions Of Leaving Your Child Unattended In The Car

Arizona is known for its desert climate, scorching summers, and mild winters. Yes, this type of weather is perfect for avid golfers and those with certain health conditions like migraines and asthma. However, as temperatures rise in Arizona, so does vehicular hyperthermia for children left […]

Prescription Drugs DUI

Most people associate DUIs with driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or psychostimulants, like cocaine and methamphetamine. However, there are countless substances that can impair one’s ability to operate a vehicle. In Arizona, it is unlawful to drive a vehicle if a person is “impaired to the slightest degree” by the use of any […]

Are Parents Liable For Their Children’s Misconduct?

Are Parents Liable For Their Children’s Misconduct?

Parents will not be held liable for every act of misconduct by their children. Liability depends on the type of misconduct. Arizona imposes responsibility on parents if the child’s misconduct is “malicious” or “willful.” Malicious and willful refer to intentional acts. Generally, a child will engage in an intentional […]

Auto Theft: What It Is, What You May Face, And How We Can Help

In Arizona, there are three types of motor vehicle theft crimes. How you present your defense could mean the difference between serving six months or seven years behind bars. Before we tell you how we can help you should grasp what it is you are being charged of and what you may face.

Theft Of Means […]

Understanding Consecutive And Concurrent Sentences

Defendants convicted of more than one crime can mean all the difference. If you are required to serve consecutive sentences, it could mean surviving double the jail time. Ideally, you want to serve concurrent sentences. Depending on the defendant’s history and the crimes committed, sentences can be served simultaneously.

What Is A Consecutive Sentence?

In consecutive sentencing, […]

Understanding Assault Charges

Assault charges in the state of Arizona are very serious and the legislature has implemented laws to make the punishment for convictions severe. Many cities in Arizona, like Phoenix, define assault broadly, which benefits prosecutors greatly. Most people do not know that do not have to actually physically harm somebody to be charged and convicted […]

Parents And Young Adults Beware: Underage Drinking In Arizona Is A Serious Offense

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that about a third of teenagers had consumed alcohol and more than one in five reported having participated in binge drinking in the past month. Among the states where binge drinking among teens occur most, Arizona tops the list. Arizona has the highest percentage of high […]

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