Have you been charged with burglary in Tucson or Pima County?  Have you spoken with a Tucson criminal lawyer regarding your burglary charge?

If you’ve been charged with burglary in Arizona you are facing serious consequences if convicted.  These consequences include a lengthy prison sentence, substantial fines, property forfeiture, probation, financial restitution and a felony conviction on your record.

What is Burglary?

Burglary is the crime of unlawfully entering or remaining in a building, business, residence or property with the intent to commit theft or any felony therein.  Burglary has three classifications, first, second, and third degree burglary.

First Degree Burglary:  First degree burglary is the most serious level of burglary and occurs when a person possesses a deadly weapon, explosives  or a dangerous instrument during a burglary.  It is a Class 2 Felony if it involves residential property which carries with it a mandatory prison term of 7 to 21 years.  If the First Degree Burglary charge is for non-residential property, it is a Class 3 Felony with a mandatory prison term of 5 to 15 years.

Second Degree Burglary:  Second degree burglary involves entering a residential property with the intent to commit theft.  It is a Class 3 Felony with a minimum prison sentence of 2 years with a maximum of 8.75 years.

Third Degree Burglary:  Third degree burglary is when a person unlawfully enters a non-residential building, or a fenced commercial or residential yard in order to steal or commit other felonies.   It is a Class 4 Felony with a prison term of 1 to 3.75 years.

The maximum prison sentences above may be extended beyond the limits above for repetitive offenses or if aggravating factors exist.

Facing a burglary charge alone can be very stressful given the severity of the punishment you are facing.  The criminal attorneys of Ariano & Associates will carefully guide you through the complicated criminal justice system and will advise you throughout as to your best course of action.  The experienced criminal lawyers of Ariano & Associates, Attorney at Law are available around the clock to answer your burglary questions.