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5 Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

5 Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

After getting arrested, it is easy for someone to pick up a phone book and flip to the yellow pages looking for someone to defend them. Ads upon ads litter these pages along with various phone numbers and promises in ink that THIS firm or THAT […]

Affirmative Defenses for DUI in Arizona

Affirmative Defenses for DUI in Arizona

affirmative defenses for duiA driver accused of DUI, an acronym that refers to drunk driving, needs the assistance of an attorney to stand any chance of enjoying a just result.  An experienced DUI attorney will review the case in-depth, develop the appropriate […]

The Reality Of False Criminal Accusations

The Reality Of False Criminal Accusations

false criminal accusationsIn the United States over the last few years, we have seen changes in our society that have highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault. You have undoubtably see many stories on the news related to the “Me […]

What to Do About Money Laundering Charges in Arizona?

What to Do about Money Laundering Charges in Arizona?

Using money from an illegal source (a drug business, selling piracy content) and making it appear as if the money were obtained through legitimate means is a crime known as money laundering. Money laundering charges in Arizona have serious consequences as money laundering is a criminal offense.

Arizona […]

Entrapment in Arizona – Can it be Proved?

Entrapment in Arizona

Introduction to Entrapment in Arizona

You often hear the term “entrapment” thrown around fairly frequently in the movies, but it actually is a criminal defense that is regularly used. Another line that is often heard in the movies is “you have to tell me if you are a police officer, right?” That statement goes […]

TASC Diversion Program for Criminal Cases

TASC Diversion Program in Criminal Law in Arizona

Introduction to TASC Diversion Program in Criminal Law in Arizona

Diversion programs are offered in the majority of states in the United States, Arizona included. The theory behind diversion programs is a rehabilitative theory rather than a punishment theory.i The states have recognized that first time offenders […]

Criminal Littering in Arizona

 Introduction to Criminal Littering in Arizona

introduction to criminal littering in arizonaOne would think that criminal littering, pursuant to Arizona law 13-1603, would require more nefarious circumstances than tossing a candy bar wrapper.  However, depending on the place, weight of the litter, and item itself, a criminal littering […]

Civil Forfeiture Defense in Arizona

Introduction to Arizona Civil Forfeiture Defense

introduction to civil forfeiture defense in arizonaCivil forfeiture, or civil seizure, is the act of police seizing assets involved in criminal activity.  This could be cash, a car, a house; virtually any asset which police deem was obtained illegally or involved in […]

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