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Prescription Drug DUI in Arizona

Prescription Drug DUI in Arizona

prescription drug duiDealing with a medical condition that causes you serious, chronic pain will often necessitate the prescription of specific medications. Prescription-strength pain killers, however, produce certain side effects. They could affect your alertness, which is why you shouldn’t drive when on such […]

Consequences of Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing in Arizona

Consequences of Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing

Possessing drugs can be a criminal offense in Arizona and the same applies to the distribution of drugs. Both of these offenses, however, come with less serious sanctions than the consequences of drug cultivation or manufacturing in Arizona.

The cultivation of drugs like marijuana and the manufacturing of narcotics are both […]

Controlled Substance Criminal Defense

Introduction to Controlled Substance Criminal Defense

introduction to controlled substance criminal defenseAlthough controlled substances are classified under Federal law, most states also have their own standards for legality and punishment.  For instance, although marijuana is illegal under Federal law, several states have legalized it for recreational or medical […]

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Drugs paraphenalia needed to make up a hit or injection of heroine. Opium is a popular recreational drug abused around the world and resulting in many users developing a drug addiction problem and having to seek rehabilitation treatment.
Drugs paraphenalia needed to make up a hit or injection […]

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