James R. Standring, Esq.

When James Ronald “JR” Standring returned to his hometown of Tucson to practice law he wanted to do so with a purpose: to help people in distress.

James R. StandringCriminal defendants often find themselves in distress. Facing criminal charges creates tremendous uncertainty in a person’s life. They have to first worry about their freedom. A criminal defendant, even for a minor charge, faces the potential for incarceration. The criminal justice system can restrict a person’s freedom in other ways. By placing a person on probation, release on parole, or ordering the payment of fines and fees, the criminal justice system creates a tremendous burden on a person who might have only made a simple mistake.

Picking up a criminal charge does not mean that the person is evil. Usually, there is an underlying motivation for the behavior such as poor judgment, substance abuse, or mental illness. Whatever the reasons for his clients’ actions, Attorney Standring fights to protect the rights for all of his clients facing criminal charges in Tucson.

For Attorney Standring, representing a person facing criminal charges is more than just going through the motions and hoping to get the best outcome for them. On the contrary, Attorney Standring firmly believes that developing interpersonal relationships leads to effective and successful defense against criminal charges. Attorney Standring’s clients are more than numbers to him. They are people who are worthy of receiving his utmost respect and being treated with dignity. Merely because a person is facing a criminal charge does not mean that they are somehow unworthy of being treated fairly. Not only are criminal defendants worthy of fair treatment, but they are also protected by rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Arizona state constitution. Attorney Standring promises to work as hard as he can to protect those rights to which you are guaranteed.

Attorney Standring develops his defense strategy for a case by opening the lines of communication between him and his client. Open and candid communication builds trust in a relationship. He wants his clients to be free to talk openly with him about how the case should progress, the potential penalties his clients face, and the collateral consequences his clients might face too. Attorney Standring needs to learn about your background so you can take the best steps to protect your liberty in and out of court. Criminal charges have collateral consequences. A conviction after a trial could mean that you are subject to deportation if you are not a citizen, you could lose your job, your home, and your family depending on the outcome of your case. That is why Attorney Standring insists that his clients speak candidly with him about their situation.

Attorney Standring has over 15 years of experience upon which to draw to help his clients. Attorney Standring has practiced law since 1999 after graduating from the Vermont Law School. Attorney Standring began practicing law in Texas where he focused on oil and gas law as well as mineral rights. He then joined a general practice law firm where he was able to expand his practice to include criminal defense and complex business litigation and representation of clients in federal communications theft cases in federal court. Attorney Standring’s experience in complex litigation expanded to include complicated bankruptcy issues as well as breach of contract, wrongful ejectment, and denial of access rights.

In 2015, Attorney Standring returned to his hometown of Tucson to practice law. He joined the Arizona bar in 2016 and the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Attorney Standring currently represents clients facing DWI charges, Assault, Domestic Abuse, Drug Possession, and among other criminal charges.


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BA, University of Arizona
JD, Vermont School of Law

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